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HVAC Systems Proper heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning are key to maintaining a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment. Collectively, these systems account for approximately 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. Improved heating and cooling performance along with substantial energy savings can be achieved by implementing energy-efficiency measures.

Common area cooling

Heating and cooling systems are  critical to most businesses, but also represent a large component of many facilities’ utility expenses. Cooling systems, in particular, are typically very energy intensive and are fueled by electricity. Their operation typically coincides with periods that are subject to peak and time of use charges. Heating and cooling systems have advanced significantly in design and efficiency. For example, today’s air conditioners use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1980s.

                                                       Common area heating

One of the first steps you should consider in your facility before upgrading your heating and cooling system is to reduce your load (i.e. how much heating and cooling you actually use). Reducing your facility’s load allows existing systems to operate less frequently and newer systems to be designed smaller, thereby lowering operating costs. Common load reduction strategies include:

  •  Tighten up the building envelope add insulation and caulking to reduce air infiltration and leakage.
  • Installing Energy Efficient windows, many are Energy Star rated.
  • Upgrade lighting systems.  Energy-efficient lighting systems emit less heat into conditioned space      than older inefficient technology.
  • Reducing solar gain e.g. cool roofing and window tints in cooling dominated climates, and in cold climates      taking steps to increase solar gain.
  • Selecting efficient office equipment and consumer electronics to reduce heat output.
  • Controlling ventilation to improve occupant comfort and save energy.

Once you have addressed these areas,you can then make the most of your heating and cooling equipment dollars.  Installing new efficient technology in any building (even a leaker) will produce savings and reliability.

Heating and Cooling System Tips:

  • NEVER OVERSIZE! Avoid over sizing equipment at all costs.  Over sizing equipment increases the capital cost at the time of the      installation and the costs of operation of the equipment.  Broomhall Brothers can determine the      proper load and size equipment to match.
  • When selecting a new cooling system, Broomhall Brothers can provide you a quote and specifications for a standard-efficiency and high-efficiency units.
  • When purchasing Room Air Conditioners or Light Commercial heating and cooling units, select those units that are ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • Consider Energy Recovery Ventilation systems to reclaim waste energy from the exhaust air stream and use it to condition the incoming fresh air.
  • Consider specifying economizers. Often available at a low incremental cost, these units draw in fresh air from the outside when the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside.
  • Install programmable thermostats and use automated settings to achieve savings.
  • For areas such as warehouses and garages, consider     installing radiant tube heating.  Radiant heating warms objects instead of the air, and requires less fuel. Radiant heat is also useful for warming exterior areas that require heating, such as patios and waiting areas.
  • Many buildings are impacted by what goes on inside the building just as much as (and sometimes even more than) the weather conditions outside. That is why it is important to properly size equipment and consider demand controlled ventilation systems coupled with  economizers to meet the internal loads of the building, like commercial kitchens, computer data centers, etc.

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